Internal Medicine in NYC

Primary Care in Midtown Manhattan

Choosing the right internist is critical to achieving optimal medical care and all the benefits for good health and longevity that medical science now has to offer. Concorde is proud to have as its members a selection of top Internists affiliated with Northwell Health. Our internists provide care for patients throughout Midtown Manhattan and the surrounding areas. To schedule a consultation at one of our internal medicine centers in NYC, please request an appointment through our secure online form.

The Internist is the captain of the team and the one who directs overall management of your health needs and provides good preventive medical care. You need a superb Internist to be available when you are urgently ill, to be responsive to your daily as well as long-term medical needs, to diagnose your ailments and help you navigate through the complex modern morass of specialist physicians and esoteric tests when these are needed. Someone has to run the show and take personal responsibility for keeping you fit and healthy. Your Concorde Internist is such an individual.

Why Choose Concorde Medical Group?

Whether its vaccination, examination, a common cold, the most complicated heart, lung or liver problem or just plain information and education, we listen, we respond, we anticipate, we advise, we are available. We keep your personal body motor running, and running well. The Board Certified men and women who constitute the Internal Medicine Division of Concorde are willing, able, and proud to manage all your health care needs.
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